Sex and sex activities must be safe.

Unsafe sex activities will be prohibited.

Porn photos and Videos are not allowed.

Group and LGBT sex is not allowed.

Outdoor sex activities and sex in car is not allowed.

Escort should not be force by user for drink and smoke.

Escort should not ask client for any extra charges to pay for anything. Condoms, Lubricants and other stuff which is used while sex should be carried by escorts.

Escorts can deny the client if he ask or wants to meet you in a lonely place. You should mention, all the services provided by you and also clearly mention your charges for services in your profile.

Why Our Escorts is no.1 in Kolkata?

All Escorts are well-mannered and experienced.

None of them have any kind of criminal records.

All Escorts are medically tested time to time.

Escorts also have tested medical reports of free from STD(sexually transmitted disease).

All Escorts are of above 18+ yrs of age.

Our escorts keep client's information confidential.

All the escorts carry original photos in the site.

You need to book escorts after talking with the escorts of Rinita Pandey, personally contact is prohibited.

Necessary steps for clients for safety reasons.

You should avoid any kind of drink and eat from the escorts.

Avoid paying any amount for anything to our escorts before talking to us.

We always assist you to have healthy and safe sex.

Quality assurance is our upmost services.

Payment between us will be safe and worthy.

Check and relatedly choose the services you desire for.

Discuss about your desire requirement like blowjobs, foreplay, Anal, BDMS Services before booking the escorts.

Take care of honest relationship. In case of any dishonesty, reports can be done.

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